Circuit de Mettet - Jules Tacheny

Infrastructure hire

The circuit and its facilities all to yourself!

You can book the circuit for one or several days for private use – find out about club/organiser general terms and conditions here and check the calendar for available dates.

If you prefer, call our secretary on +32 (0)71 71 00 80.

The track can only be used after you have been expressly granted entry to the Mettet circuit, and no motorised vehicles (cars, motorcycles, scooters, and so on) are permitted on the track outside of the stated hours.

With its diverse and varied infrastructure, the Jules Tacheny circuit in Mettet can be rented out for any type of event. The Pavillion Michel Fiévet includes a large room that can be arranged on request as briefing room, reception hall or press area. As an essential sport beacon, the circuit offers many opportunities for all kinds of activities. You’ll be sure to experience an unforgettable day!

It is also possible to hire the driving training centre for one or more days. Please consult the general terms and conditions for the club/organiser here and contact us for availability.

Our secretariat can be contacted on +32 (0)71 71 00 80.

The driving training centre has so much to offer that you’re sure to have an unforgettable day!

The circuit and its facilities all to yourself!
The circuit and its facilities all to yourself!
The circuit and its facilities all to yourself!

Somes useful information for organizers

To make sure your day goes smoothly, we should like to remind you of certain basic rules relating to our general terms and conditions, and offer some practical information.

Organisers’ arrivals

Out of consideration for organisers already occupying the track and other facilities, we do not allow the next group to enter the premises until the end of the current group’s session.

Participants’ parking

For safety reasons and in the absence of an organiser, participants may not arrive the day before or access the facilities or the paddock. Please mention this on your enrolment forms and/or your website. However, we offer the chance for participants to park off-road and access the toilets before organisers’ arrival (more information and terms available from our secretary).

Circuit use

From 09.00 to 18.00; closed for lunch from 13.00 to 14.00. Complete silence is mandatory between 13.00 and 14.00.


Instead of the usual ‘liability waiver’ extension protecting participants from claims against them for damage caused, the circuit recommends organisers offer a personal liability policy to participants when they book. As the driver or rider will have clearly indicated his or her choice to accept or refuse the policy, this document carries greater legal weight than the usual ‘liability waiver’ clause. See point 8.2 of our general terms and conditions. More information is available from our secretary.

Noise control

You are responsible for controlling vehicle decibel levels before accessing the track. This means you must ensure vehicles do not leave the pit lane without an exhaust silencer or, at least, an obligatory decibel-killer. Circuit staff will carry out static and dynamic sound measurements in accordance with applicable regulations (94 decibels in static mode and 101 decibels in dynamic mode). Please remind your participants of these noise regulations via your usual communication channels. For organisers of motorcycle day-hire trips, Supermoto-type bikes are not recommended.


We should like to remind you that the circuit has exclusive rights to on-site catering and it is therefore strictly prohibited for organisers to sell their own food and drinks. Free samples can be given out subject to prior authorisation from the circuit management.


You are responsible for leaving all sites (circuit, paddock and multi-service control tower) in the state in which you found them. During your morning briefing, please remind participants that it is forbidden to leave tyres or other items (such as tents or canopies) behind when they leave the circuit, or you as organiser will be obliged to arrange site clearance.

Circuit closure

During your morning briefing, please remind participants that they must leave the circuit by 19.00 at the latest.