Circuit de Mettet - Jules Tacheny

The circuit’s infrastructures

Officially opened on March 12, 2010, the Circuit Jules Tacheny was built on a 34.6-acre site with a 13-metre slope over natural hills that guarantee a panoramic view of the entire track.

The circuit, suitable for both cars and motorbikes, is unique insofar as it can be set up according to who is using it and for what purpose: the event organiser can choose to use one chicane or another as needed.

A hard shoulder around the whole of the track is ideal for cars requiring attention mid-race, emergency services, and of course, reporters.

Its technical track, quality infrastructure and central location in Belgium mean the circuit Jules Tacheny is a favourite among fans, top-level competitors and the best motorsports training schools, as well as for unforgettable free-wheeling experiences.

Keys facts

  • Lenght - 2.280 m
  • Width - 12 m
  • Lenght on straight - length 609m, width : 14m
  • Rallycross Track - 1 149 m (60% tarmac et 40% off-road)
  • Supermoto Track - 1 428 m (66% tarmac et 34% off-road)
  • Dirt track - length 226m, width 15m (ash track)
The circuit offers numerous possibilities for alternative tracks for simultaneous training with multiple groups.
The circuit’s infrastructures

Circuit records

Lap record/fastest time (motorcycle)
1’03″550 (Gregory Fastre – BMW S1000RR – 2011)
Lap record/fastest time (car)
1’03″202 (Philippe Daniels – Norma – 2011)
Lap record/fastest time (650cc 70CV shifter kart)
Lap record/fastest time (650cc 50CV non-gearbox kart)

Chicanes, a tribute to legends

The circuit is renowned for the technical nature of its 10 bends, seven of which are left-hand and three right-hand, each of which bears the name of a famous motorsport competitor with at least one victory in Mettet:
The paddock

The paddock

At track level, a lower paddock, the Espace D'Hollander, covers more than 9,000 m2, with water points and electrical terminals. It is reserved for circuit users. An upper paddock is also accessible to visitors to the circuit. In total, more than 40,000 m2 are reserved for circuit users and visitors. The whole area is fenced, lit and under the control of surveillance cameras.


The Mettet circuit respects the natural setting in which it is located: recovery of run-off water in a storm basin, planting of trees at the edge of the property to reduce noise and visual nuisance, recovery of hydrocarbons in confined tanks, management of selective waste sorting... everything has been implemented for an ecological and sustainable approach


The control tower, located at the nerve centre of the circuit, offers all the infrastructure necessary for the smooth running of activities on the circuit: medical post, sanitary facilities, briefing rooms, timing, etc. The second floor, accessible via a staircase and a lift, has a cafeteria with a vast terrace offering a superb view of the entire circuit
The Michel Fiévet Pavilion, inaugurated in 2017, is an ideal complement to the existing facilities. Designed to be as versatile as possible, it can accommodate all types of organisations.
The pavilion houses spacious boxes with all the necessary amenities. They can be rented as required. A large room, located on the first floor, can be fitted out on request (briefing room, reception room, press area, etc.).